Consulting and services in leadership communication

Effective leadership and strong communication skills are essential for employee engagement, customer loyalty and business success. A+A Strategy offers tailor-made training sessions and strategic counselling, ranging from a couple of hours of urgent coaching or consultation to longer-term assignments.



Individual speech training (coaching)

Do you want to make a great presentation that captures the audience, is engaging, easy to follow and easy to remember?

Getting assistance before an important presentation saves time, boosts your performance and ensures you convey the right message. We offer speech trainings that cover vocal pitch, pace, emphasis, pauses, body language and the presentation material itself. The training session is tailor-made to suit your individual needs, messages and target groups – whether it’s for a specific presentation or to generally increase your communication and rhetoric skills.

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Presentation skills (workshop)

Improved presentation skills are often required when working with a larger group or team. In addition to new knowledge, common feedback about this workshop is that it helps improve the atmosphere in the team.

Our presentation skills workshops are tailored to the needs of your group, covering target group focus, how to prepare the presentation and presentation style. Optimal time is a full day and optimal group size is maximum 12 participants.

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Media training

Media events often require subject matter experts to meet and interact with journalists, something they may not be used to.

To ensure that the meeting goes smoothly and achieves its full potential, it is key to learn about media logic, key messaging, bridging, how to deal with difficult questions and generally improve your presentation skills. To help you do this, we offer basic media training sessions for both individuals and groups.

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Strategic counselling

There is an increased need for leaders to be crystal clear when communicating visions, values and targets. Even when the overall targets are set, it may be challenging to break them down and communicate a clear direction to your team.

As an external sounding board, we act independently and ask questions that help you clarify your own thinking on complex or multi-faceted issues. This gives you a chance to develop your ideas further, boost your confidence in decision-making or, if necessary, change direction. Ultimately, this will speed up the process and rollout of a clear and effective strategy. As a final step, we can provide speech training and polish your presentation material to perfection to make sure your messages are understood, accepted and implemented.

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Digital meetings (training session and consulting)

From a communication perspective, digital and physical meetings have different prerequisites.

In digital meetings, you don’t always have eye contact with all participants, which might cause them to lose focus and become less engaged and committed. As humans, we also have a much shorter attention span online, which means you need to continuously activate and involve your participants. To make sure your digital meeting is exciting, interactive and inclusive, we offer training sessions and consulting on how to structure the meeting, things to bear in mind and how to turn people from passive observers into active, engaged participants.

For more information, please contact us.

Presentation material

Do you need assistance with PowerPoint presentations or other presentation material?

We can help fine-tune your main messages, graphics and scripts – whether it’s by creating new material from scratch or overhauling your existing presentation material and honing it to perfection.

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A+A Strategy is a sister company of the communication agency A+A United. Sara Sauer is a chief strategist, speaker coach and certified board member with a background in marketing, communication and rhetoric. Between 2000-2018 she was CEO of the communication agency A+A Communication (now A+A United), where she worked with communication and presentations for numerous clients on a daily basis. Being a CEO for 18 years also gave her invaluable experience of the opportunities and challenges faced by leaders. Since 2015, speech training and strategic counselling took more and more of her time, and in 2018 she decided to work in this field full-time and created A+A Strategy.


Selection of clients:

Getinge, Mölnlycke Health Care, Volvo Cars, Volvo Trucks, Volvo Penta


Sara Sauer

Chief Strategist & Speaker Coach
+46 (0)709 66 31 64

Olivedalsgatan 23
413 10 Gothenburg


A+A Strategy is a sister company of A+A United, a communication agency specialised in physical events, digital meetings and live broadcasts.

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